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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Term 3 2014 - Next steps (or where to next?)

Agenda for Term 3

This term so far has been a hectic one for me so far (it is only week 3). I have to work extremely hard to balance all my jobs at school (classroom teacher; head of department; colleague; Academic Director - in charge of managing student progress; option evenings; option choice stuff etc); in my other roles (as Chairperson of the Auckland Geography Teachers Association and as a committee member in the Women in Educational Leadership organisation); my role as a Mum - to my daughter in year10/11 and a son who is learning how to be an adult - has completed his Masters degree and he is mustering up the courage to apply for his first "real job". (this has taken since February!!!); wife and friend. [My poor friends know that we only really catch up every ten weeks or so - and they always know when I am available it is because it is a "break" for me.]

Highlights so far

The highlight of the term so far as been attending the #edchatnz inaugural conference last weekend and presenting at the conference was nerve wracking as I tried to prepare for it in the busyness of life. I spoke about an experiment I have done with my Year 13s - you can find my presentation here. I thought no one would come to my talk but actually there were lots of people there which was great and they all made me feel really comfortable - for some amazing reason I managed to speak for about 40-45 minutes then we had a nice 20 minute chat at the end with questions and comments. 

 This quote was something that drove my experiment (Grace Hopper was an amazing woman). 

I like doing things differently in my classroom and have always tried experiments but after the conference I now have lots of more things to try especially SOLO.

The next two weeks will be so hectic 

             - 12 major things to keep me out of trouble

Over the next two weeks, these are some of things I have to do:

1. Run the Curriculum Evening tomorrow night.
2. Co-ordinate and run the AGTA scholarship workshop next week
3. Present at the AGTA course - how to get Excellence - I am presenting at this (not sure what to say yet!)
4. Take the year 13s out on the Muriwai field trip
5. Take a trip with my IB students to the Domain - this will mean a coffee stop :)
6. Host the WIEL seminar at St Cuthberts College in a few weeks 
7. Take a field trip to the city with year 12
8. Start and finish one unit of work for both Year 12 and 13.
9. Write an IB exam
10. Mark an IB extended essay - 4000 words
11. Mark two lots of internals (Year 11 and 12)
12. Be taxi for my daughter for the Big Sing Finale - in the city for three days

The best part of all of this is that the month finishes for me with a girls weekend with four of my oldest friends - walking along the beach, soaking in a spa pool and enjoying great music, food and drinks. What a treat that will be!

Kinda hoping it will look like this.

But most likely it will be like this:

Have a good few weeks!  

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