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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

#edchatnz Conference - Blogging Meme

It has been over three years since I have used this blog and I had only a few posts on it then as well. I am not sure if this is my thing but have come to realise that posts don't have to be long and boring. They can be very short and thought provoking - so below please find my thoughts from the recent inaugural #edchatnz conference.

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1. How did you attend the #Edchatnz Conference? (Face 2 Face, followed online or didn't)
I attended the conference face to face for most of Friday and all of Saturday.
I even was brave enough to do a presentation on Saturday morning - had to give up attending a party/dinner/drinks on Friday evening so I could tidy up my presentation.

2. How many others attended from your school or organisation?
Six of us came - me and @teachertomasnz @muddicea @FelixPhysix @deblean @klaris1904 and seven if we count @AndreaHenson_nz (ex SCC and now teacher extra-ordinarie) at HPSS.

I think @Ms_Beaker would have loved it too.

3.How many #Edchatnz challenges did you complete?
I did the new to twitter challenges (not purposely I will admit) - sorry @GeoMouldey  +Steve Mouldey ; didn't take any photos but was in a few others took.
Actually, I wanted to do these things but forgot all about it.
I even had planned to say the word "dance" in my presentation but don't know if I did - I certainly planned to.

4. Who are 3 people that you connected with and what did you learn from them?
- a very old connection - Pam Hook @arti_choke - well long story (she was my old Biology teacher); a colleague at SCC and now SOLO expert. I have always wanted to learn more about SOLO and I am so glad I did - I have lots to learn and do with my classes - so interesting.

- an old connection - Steve Bargh from NZQA - I went to his talk on digitalising external exams - interesting to hear about NZQA's proposals - my thought is - they can't come soon enough.

- and two new connections - Megan Peterson from HPSS - loved her talk! and Sonya who I met last week at the teachMeet Geo - where I was the twitter broadcaster. That was cool.

5. What session are you gutted that you missed?
I wanted to go to the un-conference and to many others but had to go back to work and gave a presentation back to some staff which meant that I didn't see many on Friday.

6. Who is one person that you would like to have taken to Edchatnz and what key thing would they have learned?
Anyone who "scoffs" about twitter and thinks it is ridiculous! The key thing that they would have learnt is that the connections are awesome - I feel like I know so many people even though I have not really met them. This is weird. And they would have learnt that it is not like FB. (although a bit like FB today with the passing of Robin Williams - my twitter and FB feeds are full of tributes to this awesome man).

And actually people on twitter don't make you feel alone.

7. Is there a person you didn’t get to meet/chat with (F2F/online) that you wished you had? Why?
Heaps - such a pity - next time though. :)
I did love how we introduced ourselves by our twitter name.

8. What is the next book you are going to read and why?
Anything on SOLO I can get my hands on - actually have read one already that I had at home in the office - SOLO Taxonomy: A Guide for Schools. Planning for Differentiation - interesting.

And, I plan to read Key Competencies for the Future - must get my hands on one of these. (just have to get the Curriculum Information evening out of the way now and then I can rethink my teaching!)

9. What is one thing you plan to do to continue the Education Revolution you learnt about at #EdchatNZ?
Staying connected with others
Sharing the power of twitter with everyone
Giving power of learning to the students even more than I have done in the past
Trying the idea of different assessments for different students (I learnt this from Megan @Mrsmeganpete
Loving learning for myself and sharing this with the students I teach.

(I can't read - this is more than one)

10. Will you take a risk and hand your students a blank canvas?
I always have and always will until I stop teaching.

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