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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Videos I love to watch (over and over again)

Taking a break now from some marking to share some of my favourite videos on youtube.

This one from Ronnie Corbett makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.

This is also a cool one for technology which I always find funny as well.

I am showing this clip to my Geography scholarship students at the start of next term. We are going to look at the issue of global warming for the term - what causes it, possible consequences, why we should be worried (and this clip called The most terrifying video you will ever see.... might be very thought provoking).

We will then debate, discuss and look at different perspectives on global warming. The geography scholarship standard requires students within a geographic context:
• critically analyse a particular setting by:
− interpreting the geographic nature of the context
− evaluating geographic perspectives
• apply the critical analysis to another setting.

and demonstrate:
• a high level of integration and abstraction
• insight
• sophisticated communication

I think a discussion and time spent on the issue of global warming will develop those skills.

I also love to use this one for school: (It's not a funny one though!) Hans Rosling rocks! My scholarship students will look at this one as well when discussing big issues such as disparities around the globe.

And staying with something serious - Sir Ken Robinson is a great guy (very funny presenter) and thought provoking as well. It's 20 minutes long BUT OH SO WORTH IT!

Sir Ken Robinson is interesting to listen to (and watch) and his recent discussion at a Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education in the USA - what follows is interesting stuff.

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