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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Born to Learn - does education/schools change that?

We have to think differently.

How we raise our kids.
How we teach our students.
How we learn.
How we communicate.
How we assess learning.

We need to be more creative with our learning and thinking. We need to be more caring. We need to be more flexible in our teaching and learning.

I like this clip on Youtube. It makes me think about where we are going and why with education. It makes me think about what I want out of teaching and how is the best way to teach and have students learn. You just can't say to kids - go and learn something say about coastal processes, for example, you have to sacffold and help them into the learning but perhaps we, as teachers need to be less controlling and give the decisions back to the kids. Let them find out why and be inquistive, like they were when they were three years old and always asking WHY? WHY? WHY?

And, also it makes me think that we don't all fit into the same box. Some of us think differently. Maybe that student in my classroom (or yours?) who doesn't really "fit in" - maybe they are just not able to do things like you want them to but maybe they could do them differently. I'm really going to work on this with my classes this coming term. Maybe it might make learning more fun and interesting, for some.

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